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How YOU can help the festival

At the Albuquerque Folk Festival, Volunteers do everything!

The Festival is produced and presented by approximately 700 volunteers. About 120 of those produce the Festival and accomplish such tasks as setup, workshops, ticket handling, sound, raffles, photography, logistics, etc. Committees do all the preparation and follow-up including planning, performances, fundraising, web pages, programs, recruiting, decorations, etc., etc., and we are always looking for help in these areas, and more activities as well.

Work requirements vary, but generally you will be asked to work at least three hours (but we'll let you work more if you want!) at the Festival -or- become a committee member. A committee member is part of the pre-event planning team - a "Key" volunteer (manager). But remember that committees begin far in advance of the festival and require varied hours. If this is of interest, please contact the responsible individual/function you will find on our "Contacts" web page.

In return for volunteering, you get free entrance to the Festival, a Folk Festival T-Shirt, all concerts and activities, and an invitation to the Post Festival Party and Jam.

If you have volunteered in the last 3 years, your contact information is still in our database, so there is no need to fill out the form. Otherwise, if you're interested, please fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you. If you have questions, please call Jim Beall (Volunteer coordinator) at (505) 821-1343 or e-mail . .