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Fundraising at the Festival

It costs money to put on the Festival and we're trying to keep admission prices as low as possible, so we continue to look for other sources of revenue. Of course, we gladly accept donations (see Sponsors and Donors for information on how to donate and 2016 donors for a list of this year's contributors), but we also do a couple of raffles at the Festival. Be sure to bring some cash to the Festival; you won't want to miss your chance to win one of these great raffle prizes.

The winning tickets will be drawn at the end of the Festival, and winners will be notified by email or phone. We'll also put an announcement in our newsletter.

List of Raffle Items

  1. keyboard_amp_2016
    Alesis QS7.1 is a 64 Voice Expandable Synthesizer based on the QS6.1 and QS7 QuadraSynths. It has a 76-note keyboard and additional audio outs. It uses digital ROM samples (16MB) of sounds containing a library of 640 programs and 500 multitimbral mixes. Really amazing pianos, orchestral sounds as well as vintage synth sounds, strings, brass, winds, guitars, drums, percussion loops and groove patterns can all be found here.
  2. RossWhistle
    Gene Milligan of Milligan Whistles is offering a handmade blackwood soprano Celtic whistle in the key of D, valued at $185. Milligan is a retired mechanical engineer with more than forty-five years of experience in the computer and aerospace industries, where he specialized in acoustics and vibration. Gene began building musical instruments in the early 1970s as an apprentice with the legendary NBN Guitars, and since then he has built hundreds of stringed instruments. In 2006 Gene began combining his expertise in acoustical engineering and musical instrument construction to develop the easy-playing and beautiful-sounding "tin" whistles he now builds. Gene's engineering skill has enabled him to optimize the mouthpiece airway, tube bore, and tone hole size and placement, while his high level of musical instrument craftsmanship is evident in the efficient yet beautiful combinations of exotic hardwoods and aerospace-age polymers. Gene's whistles have been enthusiastically embraced by players all over the U.S. and in many other countries
  3. Lee Padilla, of Sanctuary Sound, is offering 10 hours of free CD recording time, valued at $800.
  4. Music Go Round is offering a $100 gift certificate that can use toward the purchase of anything in the store. Music Go Round has the one of the best selections of used instruments and accessories in the state.
  5. Dr. Lee Medina RDH, DOM Doctor of Oriental Medicine is offering $100 in treatments. Dr. Medina's specialties include TMJ therapy, Whole Body Health therapy, Acupuncture, AcuLipation, as well as other whole body therapies.
  6. Alicia Abeyta DDS, of Gentle Dentistry and Holistic Spa, is offering one of the many facial treatments from her Rejuvenation Medical Spa, valued at $100. Dr. Abeyta offers customized skincare treatments. A esthetician will analyze your skin, listen to your concerns and show you how to properly care for your skin based on your skin type and unique needs.
  7. Alicia Abeyta DDS is also offering free custom made teeth whitening trays, valued at $410, to give you a brighter smile.